Sunday, April 11, 2010

Promethean Boards

I chose to do my blog on the Promethean Board. These are very similar to the Smart Boards. I have some experience using these in the classroom and the kids love them, so i was interested in finding out more about them. The primary audience for them includes teachers and students for use in the classroom, but they can be used by anyone. Promethean boards are interactive white boards that combine computers, televisions, and overhead projectors into one tool. They are hooked up to a computer and anything that can be done through the computer screen can be done using the Promethean Board, plus some.

There are many advantages to using Promethean Boards inside the classroom. For one, from firsthand experience I can say the kids love them! Lessons can easily be taught using these. Videos, presentations, games, worksheets, notes, graphic organizers, etc. can all be displayed through these interactive white boards. Also, special markers are used to write on the boards. Any marks made on the board can be saved through the computer and even pritned. For example, if a teacher decides to take notes through a graphic organizer using Promethean Board and a student is absent, that graphic organizer can be saved and printed for the student that misses the notes. Promethean Boards are "cool" to students and they help keep them engaged. In every classroom I have been in, if the students get to write on the board they are happy and participating. They would rather write on the board than on their own paper. They also help young kids in learning how to use a computer. Another great advantage of this tool is that there are several programs that can be downloaded for use in the classroom. Lastly, the most important and beneficial advantage of the Promethean Board is that it can be used for all grade levels and for multiple subject areas.

The biggest disadvantage of Promethean Boards is that they are expensive and can be costly to lower income schools. Also, if they are damaged or broken it could be costly to repair them, so they take special care. On the positive side, I think they are worth the buy because they ahve multiple uses and can save a lot of time and printing. They will benefit more in the classroom than having just one computer to use. Not all kids can interact on one computer, but they can on the Promethean Board. another disadvantave is that the more Promethean Boards are installed in the classroom, the more the white and black boards will be eliminated. I do not necessarily like this idea because the white boards still have advantages to them alone. It is always good to have a variety of teaching tools in the classroom. It keeps the kids more involved. I think they would eventually get tiresome if they used the Promethean Board on a daily basis for everything.

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